Tips on How to Care for Your Tape in Hair Extensions

Tape in human hair extension is trendy around the world. They lay so flat against people's head that it's very comfortable and invisible to wear tape in extensions. They could easily blend in completely with people's natural hair and it's very difficult to notice them if placed correctly. And moreover, it's fast and easy to apply tape in extensions.
Although it's simple to care for those tape-in extensions, it's still very important to learn the right way of how to care. Because hair extensions don't have certain natural oils that help your hair stay healthy and natural. This is the reason why you should care for your hair extensions daily.
Before You Buy
It's not a good idea to apply tape in hair extensions If you suffer from hair loss, which will further damage your hair. If you don't know which type of hair extensions to choose, you can contact hair experts for best advice.
Before applying tape-in hair extensions, it's very important to thoroughly clean your hair and remove oil with a clarifying shampoo.
Normally, one application of human hair extension lasts 10 to 20 weeks. But some of our fans tell us they can make the tape in hair extension lasts a little longer by just pressing the tape shut with fingers from time to time, but maintenance in required after 10 weeks.
But we suggest it's better not to leave them in longer than that because it could potently do damage to your natural hair. When it is time to replace the tape, please go to hair salon and they remove your extensions safely. Your stylist will apply new tapes to human hair extensions and reapply them to your hair and it's good to use again.
After you've done the application, you have to wait 48 hours to wash your hair for the first time. 48 hours is enough to let the tape sticks together and dries very well so that the tape in extensions will be able to last for a very long time.
Brush Your Extensions Twice A Day
Another important thing you should know is that before you wash your hair, you should thoroughly and gently brush your hair with a hair extension brush. You need to brush your hair every day! Use an extension brush and go right over the point of attachment at least twice a day, making sure that you don't a have any tangles or mats whatsoever.
When you brush, hold the roots of your hair so that you don't pull on the bonds. You also have to remember to never brush the extensions while they're wet; you have to thoroughly dry them before brushing.
Wash Your Extensions gently
It's better to wash your hair every 2 or 3 days. When washing, remember to scrub your hair extension gently with your hair upside-down. This can avoid tangling of the extensions. Moreover, when you're using conditioner, avoid conditioner on and around the tapes because this will cause slipping.
Don't use products contain alcohol, ethanol, or oil, because they will damage your hair extensions and adhesive. Generally speaking, using too much hair product will do no good to your hair and sometimes it will cause tangle and mat.
Keep your Tape-in Extensions Dry
After you've done the washing, make sure to dry your hair Perruque immediately, especially the roots of the extensions which is very important for the health of the roots. When using blow dryer, it's better to use heat protection on your hair to avoid damage that can be caused by heat. Remember to completely dry your hair extensions before going to bed, keep your hair dry.

Make Your Extensions Stylish
Before using hot tools to style your hair, remember to use heat protection spray and make sure the heat setting is on low. It's a good way to avoid damaging your tape in hair extensions.
But try not to use any hot tools in general if you can because they could potentially shorten your hair extension life time. Using a flat iron directly on the tape could weaken it, which will cause your extensions to fall out.

How to Maintain Curly Lace Wigs

Lace wigs can be worn every day or for a special occasion. Regardless of how often you wear a lace wig, all lace wigs eventually start to wear. Because of this, apply special care. Curly human lace wigs can be especially difficult to take care of, because the curl shape must be maintained for the wig to retain most of its original look. Learning to take care of your curly lace wig can save a lot of money for you.
Things You'll Need:Wig shampoo,Wide-toothed comb,Detangling spray.
Wash your curly lace wig sparingly. Lace wigs do not need to be washed as often as your own hair; however, after several weeks, dirt and oil can build up, causing your wig to lose its luster. Your lace wig may also become stiff and hard to style. Curly human hair lace wigs should be washed before this happens. Always check the washing instructions for your particular full lace wig or lace front wig. The general rule for all lace wigs is that they should be washed very gently in a shallow basin filled with warm water and wig shampoo. Simply swish your wig in the water without rubbing. Take it out and lay it on towels to try. You can pat the excess water off your lace wig, but do not rub your lace wig; because this may cause it to lose its curls sometimes.
Cut the ends of your lace wig if necessary. Curly lace wigs especially have a tendency to become frizzy and tangled. Cutting a few centimeters off the ends of your lace wig can help, but of course, you can only do this so many times without drastically altering your lace wig style.
Use the proper comb. If your lace wig is wavy, you may be able to use a wide-toothed comb to very gently get any tangles out, starting at the tip of the lace wig and working slowly upwards. Lace wigs with tight curls generally should not be combed at all, because this can break apart the curls. Once the curls have been separated, it can be impossible to restyle them as they were. Some lace wigs can be detangled with your fingers gently.
Add water to a "wet and wavy" lace wig. The wet and wavy wig style is not designed to be brushed or combed. Instead, simply spritz water or a gentle conditioner onto the lace wig for upkeep.
Use heat if your lace wig is made of 100 percent human hair. Look at the information on the wig package or ask a wig shop attendant to ascertain if your wig is totally made from human hair. Even wigs made partially of synthetic hair usually burn or melt. Always start with the heat on the lowest setting and gradually increase the temperature if you need to. It is better not to re-curl a curly wig using curling iron.

Where to get Prom Dress?

Where To Get Prom Dresses 2020

Where To Get Prom Dresses 2020

(Where To Get Prom Dresses 2020)

Are you searching for perfect prom dresses to surprise everyone in 2020? Go to the prom in a gown that will draw the most attention and have the crowd talking. In the following collection of Where to get prom dresses 2020, you'll find the uk prom dresses cheap that will create the most stunning silhouette. Whether you are looking for a classic or modern style, you'll find the best.

1. Ball Gown Sparkle & Shine Elegant Party Dress

Elegant Ball Gown Sparkle & Shine Elegant Party Dress

This ball gown for prom with sashes that encircle the waist sparkles in the light. Feel like a princess at the big prom night.

2. Sparkle & Shine Two-pieces Prom Dress

Sparkle & Shine Two-pieces Prom Dress

Shine in the light in a tulle prom dress with beading.

3. Pink Sweet & Flow Prom Dress with Sleeves

Pink Sweet & Flow Prom Dress with Sleeves

Stand out in a stylish girls short prom dress for the upcoming prom. This dress that features glitter fabric will leave the audience in awe.

4. Elegant Red Halter Formal Dresses

Elegant Halter Formal Dresses

Show off in this tight prom dress with a side slit. Radiate chic sophistication.

5. Long Chiffon Evening Dresses Long Sleeves

Long Chiffon Evening Dresses

Exquisite lace appliques on the bodice add much elegance and allure to this chiffon prom dress. It's a great figure-flattering option. A black long sleeve prom will create both sexy and cool look.

6. Red Red V-neck Jersey Formal Dress

Red V-neck Jersey Formal Dress

Looking for a sparkling dress for 2020? A red mermaid dress with deep V-neck and embellishments from neckline to waist is the perfect option.

7. Lace High Neck Black Formal Dress

Lace High Neck Black Formal Dress

This long prom gown is ideal if you're into lace and tulle. A black dress is never out of fashion. While this is a beautiful option for prom, it's also a great option for other occasions such as galas and school dances.

8. Sexy Off-the-shoulder Prom Dress

Sexy Off-the-shoulder Prom Dress

Looking for a simple prom dress that shows off your curves? A tight off-the-shoulder gown in burgundy is the perfect option.

9. Mermaid Pink Sexy Dresses for Prom

Mermaid Pink Sexy Dresses for Prom

A mermaid tail prom dress is always the most figure-flattering choice. And the fabric will allow you to draw the most attention.

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They also have wide range of shorts, panties, bodysuits etc.

Body shapers can be worn for a variety of reasons by a variety of body shapes. In general, they should fit comfortably but firmly under clothes in order to give the wearer a slimmer, curvier, and smoother look. Not all shapewear is the same, however. Each kind of shapewear can be used for a particular problem area. From slimming a body to giving more curves, shapewear can work like magic.

You can  choose amazing seamless shapewearThis line carries the perfect pieces to layer under your favorite outfits, from that little black dress you saved for the weekend to your casual day out with a T-shirt and jeans.

Here is my favorites:

                                 1. Comfort Mid-control 4023 Sculptwear

You can also shop full body shaper for women.
Contour your body with Cosmolle full body shapers, you can enhance your curves and smooth your silhouette with these innovative shaping solutions.

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SHOPPING ONLINE I Prom dress 2020

Top 11 Romantic Prom Dresses 2020

Romantic Prom Dresses 2020

(Romantic Prom Dresses 2020)

To stand out, one of the most important things is to choose a pretty prom dress that accentuates your figure. Prom is a great occasion to show off your charming figure and confidence. Let's take a look at Top 11 romantic prom gowns that will bring shimmer to your look. These dresses are made from various fabric and designed in a range of styles, so I'm sure everyone will find a beautiful form-fitting dusky pink prom dresses for the special night.

1. Ball Gown V-neck Glitter Romantic Formal Dress

Ball Gown V-neck Glitter Romantic Formal Dress

In glitter fabric, this ball gown shimmers from the V-neck bodice to the hemline.

2. Ball Gown V-neck Satin Romantic Party Dress

Ball Gown V-neck Satin Romantic Party Dress

All eyes will be on you in a red ball gown that features V-neck and exquisite beadwork around the waist.

3. A-line Satin Romantic Formal Dresses with Pockets

A-line Satin Romantic Formal Dresses with Pockets

Flaunt your gorgeous bustline in a red V-neck satin dress for your prom night. The convenient pockets make the dress more practical.

4. Mermaid Off-the-shoulder Romantic Evening Dress

Mermaid Off-the-shoulder Romantic Evening Dress

Such a yellow mermaid gown with will give a vibrant and gorgeous look. This dress features a corset bodice which will hug your curves.

5. Ball Gown Off-the-shoulder Romantic Dresses for Prom

Ball Gown Off-the-shoulder Romantic Dresses for Prom

This exquisite off-the-shoulder ball gown made from fabric will allow you to dance like a princess at the big night.

6. Ball Gown V-neck Glitter Romantic Evening Dress with Pockets

Ball Gown V-neck Glitter Romantic Evening Dress with Pockets

Look like a superstar at your prom in this sexy black cheap prom dresses plus size that showcases a fitted bodice with V-neckline and split front design.

7. A-line V-neck Glitter Romantic Party Dress

A-line V-neck Glitter Romantic Party Dress

Stand out in this long glitter prom dress. Glitter fabric and shimmering beads add a sparkling quality to this gown.

8. A-line Off-the-shoulder Romantic Evening Dress with Slit

A-line Off-the-shoulder Romantic Evening Dress with Slit

Set the trend by wearing this off-the-shoulder prom dress with cap sleeves. You'll draw the most attention in a red one.

9. Princess V-neck Tulle Glitter Romantic Formal Dresses

Princess V-neck Tulle Glitter Romantic Formal Dresses

This V-neck glitter tulle Milly Bridal dress puts every prom gown to shame. The V-neck bodice and the long sheer tulle skirt provide an alluring look.

10. A-line One Shoulder Glitter Romantic Formal Dress

A-line One Shoulder Glitter Romantic Formal Dress

This one-shoulder glitter prom dress with offers a red-carpet look. It isn't an one-wear-and-done investment as it's suitable for all occasions, formal or casual.

11. Mermaid Sequined Romantic Party Dress

Mermaid Sequined Romantic Party Dress

This sequined mermaid prom dresses long sleeve uk will allow girls to showcase the curves and shine under the lights.

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 It's been a while since I dedicated a whole post to a trending topic of popular jewelry. The time has come for me to present you with current trend when it comes to jewelry and a great online place where you can find anything you need to stay on trend. Name necklaces have been seen on all famous street style bloggers and they are definitely back on trend! If you are a jewelry lover, then read on!
If you ever wanted a necklace or ring with your name as Carrie Bradshaw, you can now have personalized piece from Get name necklace.
Get name necklace can make all your customized jewelry dreams come true. There you can find necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings, even sets of jewelry that will fit any taste and style. With many options for customization, here you can pick out a perfect gift for your mother, farther, cousin or your significant other.
 If you are one of those people who love to collect charms and make your own charm combinations, make sure to check out their charm section where you can find a variety of interesting charms.

 I have picked out a few of my favorite products from this store to share with you in this post. 
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Every girl should have a beautiful dress for the party in the wardrobe. The ability to choose outfits for each event is the basis of the foundation of every fashionista, who can shine at any social event. When going to a party, think in advance how your clothes, jewelry and makeup will look in dim light or by candlelight. A great option for a social event is a long dress. The range of such outfits is so wide that you can easily find the right style and color. For example, the online store Callabuy has a large collection of cheap long dressesAny girl can find the dress of her dreams in this store. 

This site is great online shop for buy cheap clothes for women, because their collections feature many amazing dresses in different styles, fabrics, lengths and in any color of the rainbow you can think of. These gorgeous dresses are made of rich and high quality fabrics like lace, silk, satin, chiffon. The colors of the dresses are also presented in various ways - from classic black, white, beige, to delicate pastel shades, which especially emphasize your beauty.

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