(Summer) WISHLIST I Zaful

Sunčani i topli dani su odavno prisutni, a zimsku garderobu  konačno menjamo nekom laganijom, šarenijom i udobnijom.  

Obzirom na to, danas vam predstavljam svoju listu želja letnje garderobe sa mog omiljenog, Zaful sajta. 

Na slici ispod možete videti šta se to meni svidelo i kako trenutno izgleda moja lista. 

1. Ovu majičicu odavno merkam, žuta boja mi je u poslednje vreme omiljena i mislim da je odlična za fotkanje, a tekst je isto jako kul, znaćete ukoliko ste gledali film Kill Bill.  Možete je kupiti ovde

2. Sledeća stvar na mojoj listi je ovaj jako fensi kratki kombinezon bordo boje. Mislim da je odličan za izlaske uz neke dobre sandale na štiklu. Možete ga kupiti ovde.

3. Poslednja stvar je bikini, jer kako leti bez jednog dobro. Na Zafulu imate definitivno najlepši izbor. Svaka devojka može pronaći za sebe sigurno. Obavezno pogledajte ponudu. Bikini sa slike možete kupiti ovde

Nadam se da vam se dopadaju stvari sa moje liste. Obavezno mi ostavite komentar.
Hvala na čitanju! 


"Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable. Style is more about being yourself." 
Oscar de la Renta

Outfit details:
Top and pants set - SheIn, HERE
Sunglasses - Zaful 
Watch - Casio 
Sneakers - H&M 

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Ramp Up Your Style With Blonde Hair Extensions This Season

Have you ever looked within the mirror recently and thought hair only agreed to be dreadful? Possibly you need to then add length or possibly give a punch of color for your existing style. One method for you to accomplish this, is as simple as getting beautiful blonde extensions. Be it only a hint of color or big chunks of blonde flowing using your locks, it is a guaranteed method to increase your facial expression and produce hair to existence.
Extensions provide a way that people easily change any hair do to a number of various appearances, cuts and lengths, however, you need to think about a couple of things prior to making any purchasing decisions. Would you like to use extensions produced from synthetics or do you'd rather use more costly extensions produced from 100% real hair? Would you like temporary clip in extensions or would you like a far more permanent solution.

Invisible weaves, pre glued tips and micro links provide longer-lasting and much more secure hairstyling choices. These techniques attach the extensions straight to your personal tresses. These hair bonds can last anywhere for 8 to 16 days with respect to the application. Using clip-on extensions is simple, quick, fun and fewer costly. You can include or remove these pieces out of your mind in a couple of minutes. Yes, blonde extensions may become brown, red or perhaps jet black on a night.
Another essential step to consider taking a look at extensions is they require routine cleaning, combing and care exactly like you will give your personal crowning glory. Actually, good care and cleaning of hair extensions really are a mandatory task. Extensions also require intensive conditioning to become stored searching their finest. Use a high quality oil or conditioner to help keep these items glossy and glossy.
Regular washing of the extensions ought to be performed on the regular, regular basis and try to after any heavy physical workouts. When you're prepared to wash these wigs make certain that you select a great make of shampoo. Also wash and rinse the extensions by utilizing only downward motions together with your hands.
Always exert care when selecting and fixing your new strands. If these hair accessories have not been looked after properly, it's easy to begin to see the difference. Your hair will end up faded, dull and brittle that will detract greatly out of your appearance. It takes only just a little care and energy to help keep these extensions in the height of perfection, and it truly is well worth the time. Besides, consider all of the fun you could have together with your new blonde extensions.

Propose in fashion with beautiful gemstone diamond engagement ring

Diamonds are picture of affection and responsibility and you may uncover gemstone jewelries in a variety of shapes that advances and adjusts shading power. Gemstone is broadly accustomed to illuminate your relationship before the finish of your time. Also, henceforth individuals lean toward gemstone because the inside stone within their moonstone engagement rings.

Be that as it might, while selecting jewel for the engagement band you need to be sure that the stone is of excellent quality regarding cut, clearness and shading. You need to likewise recall the carat of gemstone. By selecting impeccable gemstone for the ring you are able to underline the effortlessness and fabulousness of the ring.
If you have selected the best gemstone for the ring you need to consider the metal. You need to utilize white-colored gold or platinum since diamonds typically hit the party area with increased brightness and flame around the off chance that you'll set your ring in platinum or white-colored gold.
Choose three stone ring or morganite solitaire ring should you prefer a fundamental and remarkable ring. Vintage gemstone diamond engagement rings are outstanding in fashion and much more exquisite to put on to have an remarkable lady. In addition, the very best factor if you want you'll be able to have they with various gemstones too.
Generally every lady has their very own inclination on which ruler of engagement band they would like to purchase. Everyone needs another type of setting and arrange for their ring. In gemstones likewise they their very own decision. Remember that, everything depends on upon your lady. Whenever your beloved needs some interesting configuration or style on her engagement band you'll be able to outline your personalized engagement ring with the aid of experts.
Today outlining your personal particular ring is straightforward due to web. By perusing the net you'll find there are handful of online gems stores which provide you with the selection of outline your personal particular aquamarine engagement rings if you take after handful of fundamental strides.

ONLINE SHOPPING I BestHairBuy Hair Extensions

Hello my lovelies and welcome to my new post! I hope you are having a lovely spring Tuesday
and that you are enjoying your day. Here on my blog today you will get a chance to read something useful when it comes to hair and hair products in today's post. I have recently found a new online store that can help you out with all your hair problems and needs. So stay with me today while we discover this new online corner!

It is the site BestHairBuy. On this site you can find BestHairBuy virgin hair, wigs, clip in, hair extensions...  in a variety of  colors, textures, length.  On this shop each girl will surely find a best for her hair. BestHairBuy's online service is an excellent bunch. Shipping is fast and totally secure which is very important.

There are now many types of hair extension for sale and if you are new to hair extensions, you may not know which best hair extension to look for or buy.  So before you shop for human hair extensions, it is better to have some basic information. 
There are two types of human hair extension and they are referred to as Virgin and Remy hair.

Virgin hair is natural human hair that has not been chemically processed e.g. bleached, permed, dyed or altered in any way. With proper care like regular shampoo and conditioning, the virgin hair may last longer than a year. It will continue to look healthy and natural.
 Remy Hair is natural human hair collected from a single hair donor. The hair cuticle is intact and untouched. The hair is aligned in such a way that the cuticle runs in the same direction like the normal human hair.

Since human hair extension is natural human hair, it is definitely more expensive and more costly in maintenance. It needs to be shampooed, conditioned and re-styled. Let us look at some of the more common types of Virgin hair extensions.

1. Shop HERE

2. Shop HERE.  

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4. Shop HERE

I hope these basic information will be of help in choosing from the wide range of hair extension from BestHairBuy to suit your need and style.
What are you waiting for? Register yourself now  and get the best BestHairBuy hair extensions.

Thanks for reading!


I dress myself, not to impress, but for comfort and for style. 
            - Wixson Lindsey

MAJICA/t-shirt - SheIn, OVDE/here
JAKNA/jacket - SheIn, OVDE/here
FARKE/jeans, PATIKE/sneakers - Bershka
SAT/watch - Casio
 NAOČARE/sunglasses, KAČKET/cap - Zaful

Nakon dužeg vremena, predstavljam vam jedan outfit, u inat trenutnom vremenu, jedan malo laganiji, za dane koje nas očekuju.
Mislim da je jedan od mojih omiljenih. Skroz opušten, savršen za školu, opuštenu šetnju i slične prilike.
Kao što možete videti ispod nosim običnu belu majicu koju sam nedavno naručila sa omiljenog SheIn sajta, preko šuškavac sa istog sajta, nove farke pocepane na kolenima i omiljene patike. Dodala sam naočare i kačket, kao i omiljeni Casio sat u retro fazonu. 
Pogledajte fotke i obavezno mi ostavite mišljenje u komentaru!  

What's Morganite and Why the Heck colud be so Trendy?

Searching for 14k rose gold morganite ring and thinking diamonds may not be for you personally? Totally okay! While traditionalists might stay with a gemstone, there isn¡¯t any rule book saying you need to follow. If you are craving some thing unique, think about a morganite diamond engagement ring-the pale pink stone that¡¯s making ring-buyers go gaga.

Morganite is really a pink gem that¡¯s a detailed cousin to emerald wedding rings and aquamarine-actually, it¡¯s a mineral which includes both. Also referred to as vorobevite, this rare stone (named after financier J.P. Morgan) ranges in colors of pink-from pale blush, to rose, to peach, to salmon. The most typical-and popular-gemstones are frequently around the lighter shade from the family, but much deeper shades might be worth more. Morganite is frequently heat-treated to enhance the colour, which will get eliminate the yellow or orange tint these gemstones sometimes carry. That gives you a fairly pink-along with a stable color that won¡¯t fade.

Besides this being stone a beaut, gem lore views it of Divine Love. Mythology states the stone brings empathy, assurance, healing, and promise-everything that comprise a contented marriage!

For that non-traditional bride, this can be a stone that won¡¯t walk out style but nonetheless provides extensive personality. Unconventional, it¡¯s delicate color still makes morganite an ageless classic. Because the jewel is really rare, you¡¯re apt to be the only person of the buddies rocking a morganite diamond engagement ring.

Morganite¡¯s strong durability causes it to be ever-lasting, something you ought to be searching for inside a ring that is included with an eternity promise. And it is beautiful color pairs with any setting - regardless of whether you should you prefer a rose gold morganite wedding set, gold, or platinum band. You may also pair your morganite diamond engagement ring along with other precious gemstones, together with a setting which has pave-cut diamonds.

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