WINTER SHOPPING (wishlist) I Zaful & Rosegal

Zdravo svima!
Obzirom na to da odavno nisam pisala wishlist postove, a da se svašta nešto u skorije vreme našlo na mojoj zimskoj listi odlučila sam da danas napišem jedan takav post.
Danas vam predstavljam deo svoje liste želja. Sve stvarčice su sa Zafula i Rosegala, čiji link imate ispod. Takođe sve pomenute stvarčice su linkovane ispod slika.


Prvi deo liste izgleda ovako, na njoj se našlo dva predivna džempera u sivoj i bordo boji, savršeni za zimske dane koji nas očekuju i jedan vintage duks s natpisom. Pored toga, stavila sam i predivne čizmice koje idu do članaka, takozvane ankle boots, predobru kapu koja je hit ove godine, kao i bordo torbicu koja je must-have uvek.
*Black Friday 2017 on Zaful: ovde/HERE


Drugi deo liste možete videti na slici iznad. Slučajnost je što je sve sivo-crno. 
Na ovoj listi našao se prelep sivi đžemper, takozvana multi layer ogrlica. fensi lace-up suknjica, chunky čizmice, slatke čupave papuče i klasičan crni ranac. 
*Black Friday 2017 on Rosegal: ovde/HERE
To je to što se tiče ovog posta. Kako vam se dopadaju stvarčice sa moje liste? Obavezno ostavljajte komentar. 

Check pregnancy!

How Long Does Ovulation Last?
Many people think that you can just have sex at any point in the month and get pregnant. While essentially that’s true, it’s really not. It’s dependent on how your body actually functions. Ovulation is the key component to getting pregnant. While most women, who have normal cycles and normal functions in their reproductive organs, there are some that don’t ovulate every month. This can hinder their ability to get pregnant. So when trying to get pregnant, it’s important to know your body and your ovulation schedule so that you can plan date nights accordingly. 

What is Ovulation?
Ovulation, the most important part of having a baby, is when mature eggs make their travel down the fallopian tube. At the end is where the magic happens and the sperm can interact with it and become the beginnings of a new bring. That is the best time in a woman’s cycle to have sex and essentially get pregnant (as long as there are no other underlying conditions that could prevent that). 

How Long is the Cycle and When Does it Happen?
The window for a viable egg is only between 12-24 hours, short. But the key is that everything plays it’s part. Sperm for example can survive, waiting for the moment of impact so to speak, for 3-5 days inside of a woman. A woman’s fertile period can last 5-7 days. So there is about a week-long window of opportunity to get pregnant. Generally, ovulation takes place about 12-16 days before you get your next period. If you are regular, it’s easier to calculate this (such as you get your period every 28 days for example). But consider that life stressors, being sick, and changing your routine (such as increasing workouts, gaining or losing weight, etc.) can change your cycle. 

How to Know you are Ovulating
Your body is great at giving you hints as to when you are ovulating. It’s generally creating an optimal environment for the sperm to move around in and for the egg to latch to the uterine wall should they make contact. While you may not notice them (some don’t) there are others that are very in tune to what is going on, and also their bodies make it more obvious. Some of the things you can look for is increased sexual drive, white sticky cervical mucus, abdominal bloating, and sometimes an increased awareness of smells or tastes, even vision. 

Tracking your Ovulation
If you are in tune with your body and you actually realize the signs of ovulation, then you can just do that. However you can also get an app to monitor and track your period and most fertile days. This can help tremendously. Plus you can put notes in them to keep a reminder of all things reproductively. You can also get a basal thermometer and a slight increase in temperature can determine ovulation. Check out more here. All in all, ovulation is a short window of time and if you could be pregnant there is a commonly known two week wait after ovulation before you will know for sure. Good luck and baby dust your way.


Zdravo svima!
U današnjem postu pokazaću vam jednu kombinaciju koju obožavam.
Kombinacija se sastoji iz takozvane choker bluze sa rukavima koji se pri krajevima šire i imaju perlice, koje su trenutno veliki trend kao detalj na odeći. 
Bluzu sam uvukla u novu omiljenu high-waisted suknjicu crne boje. 
Od nakita sam stavila popularne, velike alke, a obula sam  Zarine čizmice iz nove kolekcije. 
Ovu kombinaciju nosim/preporučujem za večernje izlaske ili rođendane, slave  i slične prilike.  

Ispod možete videti gde sam kupila i ostale stvarčice koje nosim.

BLUZA/sweater - kupite O V D E /here
SUKNJA/skirt - kupite O V D E /here
MINĐUŠE/earrings - kupite O V D E /here
ČIZME/boots - Zara 

Nakon što pogledate fotkice, obavezno mi u komentaru napišite kako vam se dopada kombinacija koju nosim. 


Dresslily Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale

Black Friday & Cyber Monday are the best sales day of the year, that's for sure. In order to celebrate the special day, Dresslily Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale (HERE)will provide some really awesome deals to all customers. To help you plan your Dresslily (HERE)itinerary, we've made this early peek guidelines to help you!

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Rosegal Black Friday Sale 2017

Jump-start your 2017 Christmas shopping with the best Black Friday deals(HERE)at Rosegal. This year Rosegal(HEREis using multiple new discount tactics to get them ahead before the Black Friday 2017. Let's see how it works!

A series of mystery discount codes will be active soon. If you are reading my article, you're the first knowing this. Collecting them is easy. Verify your E-mail now and wait for various kinds of coupon codes hop into your mailbox, these coupons could be used during Rosegal Black Friday Sale (HERE)(Nov.24~Nov.29), twice for each! 
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Use site-wide Code: RGVIPEnjoy another extra 12% Off is amazing. At the same time, Rosegal prepared a BUY 1 GET 2 FREE zone, this is interesting and definitely worth to have a peek. 

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Focus on Rosegal's main page, since it looks like they're going to give out more specific benefits any minute. Meanwhile, we'll be here with our wallets open.

Zaful Black Friday! Credit cards at the ready!

This Friday is special, it's the BLACK FRIDAY(Nov. 24, 2017)(HERE), are you already gearing up to overfill your shopping appetites? If you love a good style steal online retailer, Zaful (HERE)will probably be the first port of call when shopping online. This year, Zaful Black Friday Sale(HERE) offers you: Even more insane deals than ever & The Big Sale last even longer! But before you hop into Zaful's Black Friday Sale(HERE), do a research and plan wisely is a smart way to save more cash. Let's check out our A-to-Z guiding list and do things right!
Big PromotionsNov. 24 - Nov. 29
Be ready for the biggest discount of 2017. From (November 24th - November 29th), buy 3 and get 1 for free at Zaful's best seller list (HERE)! If that's not what you're looking for, we have our "New faves & New arrivals" zone standing by. Up to 50% OFF discounts are waiting to satiate your fashion needs!

Zaful Black Friday CarnivalNov. 24 - Nov. 29

Cutthroat price is the most common thing during Black Fridays(HERE). Who doesn't love cheap goods? From November 24th - November 29th, 3 different discounts: 20%/30%/40% will be marked on selected products!
    40% off select items on Nov. 24 & Nov. 27
    30% off select items on Nov. 25 & Nov. 28
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Look carefully and memorize it by heart(or your cell phone).Don't mix up the time and lose your opportunity. That is to say: Set an alarm clock!

Shipping & Refund
2 days free standard shipping (24th & 27th ), 5 days free express shipping!( 24th - 29th )(Over $79)
From 24th - 29th you may refund by using self-service as well. Return warranty extended to 45 days. This is a service upgrade only for Black Friday.
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Win Free Gifts (Nov.27- Nov.29) & Gift Cards (Nov.24- Nov.26)
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Hope you find this guide helpful, but also be advised, this is just a bit, and there are more to discover, Zaful Black Friday sale (HERE)are waiting for you to explore. Don’t miss this opportunity or you will have to wait for another year!

Zaful Thanksgiving Shopping Tips!

In case you haven’t noticed, Zaful Thanksgiving sale  (HERE) has begun! $10 off over $60 discounts and free orders with free shipping! Great deals on trendiest fall fashion and winter clothes. 
 Zaful (HERE) Thanksgiving day sale is waiting for your visit!
Let’s see how to get free orders and bonus during the big sale!


A free order chance will be offered during 2017 Zaful Thanksgiving Sale
 Each Zaful account has a chance to spin our Wheel of Thanksgiving per day. Which you may gain access to FREE ORDER / 10 Z POINTS /30 Z POINTS / $3 CASH COUPON / $7 CASH COUPON / 15% OFF COUPON / 8% OFF COUPON.
Coupon is Only Valid for 72 hours after you receive it. And each can be used Only Once. You can check your remaining Z-points and coupons in your profile.
 Good luck!

It’s Thanksgiving day (HERE) and Zaful wants to say “thank you” to everyone who supports us until today. As return, A mega gift is ready for everyone!
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Explore and find your fave. Huge discount and free shipping only on Zaful Thanksgiving sale (HERE). If you miss it, you’ll have to wait for another year. 365 days is long enough. How many 365 days in our lifetime?
 Have a look right now!

GlamBox otvaranje - Summer Fun 2017

Zdravo svima, nakon dužeg vremena! 
Listajući Instagram profile i fotke, naletim i na GlamBox profil i setim se da zapravo još nisam napisala otvaranje poslednje  kutije koju sam dobila, tačnije Summer Fun izdanja. 
Slike su odavno spremne, ali obzirom na to da imam jako malo slobodnog vremena, nisam stigla da vam iskuckam post.
Pošto je u  toku mini raspust, ukazala se super prilika za kuckanje novog posta.

U današnjem postu možete videti šta sam ja to dobila u novoj GlamBox kutiji. 
Jako malo proizvoda sam uspela da testiram iz ove kutije, jer nisam želela da započinjem testiranje novih, dok ne završim sa starim proizvodima. 
Kako god, počinjem, a vi uživajte! 

1. Sabi Handmade sapun od kamiljeg mleka 
- Ovaj sapun sam već koristila i imam pozitivno iskustvo s njim, a nastavku pročitajte šta kaže proizvođač:
Napravljeni su ručno u Ujedinjenim Arapskim Emiratima, a kamilje mleko ima jedinstvenu prirodnu sposobnost da hidrira i hrani kožu, zadržavajući u njoj važne komponente. Omekšava kožu i sprečava stvaranje bora, ima umirujuće dejstvo, antibakterijska, antigljivična i antivirusna svojstva. Sapun je dostupan u osnovnoj varijanti bez dodataka ili u kombinacijama: slatka pomorandža i limun, ruzmarin i menta, limunska trava, slatka pomorandža i cimet, lavanda i rose geranijum, čajevo drvo i ruzmarin, lavanda.

2. Bioten bodyshape gel 
- Sledeći proizvod je od Biotena i u pitanju je gel protiv celulita. Obzirom na to da za sada nemam problema s istim, ovaj gel nisam koristila i ne mogu vam reći baš ništa. Ukoliko je neko probao, neka obavezno ostavi u komentaru mišljenje.
Evo i šta proizvođač kaže za ovaj proizvod: sadrži jedinstvenu kombinaciju sastojaka koji pomažu u borbi protiv pojave narandžine kore i vidno učvršćuju kožu. Lako se upija i ne ostavlja mrlje na odeći pa se možete obući i odmah nakon nanošenja. Preparat nanositi 1 do 2 puta dnevno kružnim pokretima na problematične delove kože najmanje mesec dana.

3. Trisa Perfect White pasta i četkica za zube 
- Dobila sam i nekoliko travel size pakovanja Trisa pasti za zube, koju sam već koristila. Super je, sviđa mi se i koristim je u kombinaciji sa Trisa četkicom.
 Nešto novo od Trise u ovom izadnju GlamBox kutije jeste baš ta četkica za zube koja je takođe odlična i koristim je od kako sam je dobila.

4. Maybelline Fit Me! Matte+Poreless tečni puder
- Dobila sam i dva uzorka Maybelline Fit Me pudera za normalnu/masnu kožu. Ovaj puder sam već nekoliko puta spominjala i svi koji me prate znaju da ga baš gotivim.
 Ukoliko ste prvi put namom blogu: puder ima srednju pokrivnu moć, može da se nadogradi, odličan je u kombinaciji s korektorima, traje dok ga ne skinete (naravno potrebno je da se setuje nekim kamenim puderom, bez obzira što ima mat finiš). 

5. Orofluido Amazonia maska, šampon i balm
- Ovaj set uzoraka od Orofluida me je najviše obradovao. Obožavam ovaj brend, uvek imam pozitivne utiske. Tako je bilo i ovoga puta. Ima sasvim dovoljno proizvoda u ovim testerima za dva korišćenja. 
Maska mi se najviše dopala i razmišljam da kupim full size. 
Pročitajte i reči proizvođača:
Orofluido Amazonia šampon ima laganu formulu koja smanjuje lomljenje kose i obnavlja vlakno, čisteći vlakna i ostavljajući kosu mekom i gipkom.

Orofluido Amazonia maska obogaćema je keratinom i dubinski prodire u kosu radi obnavljanja strukturalnih oštećenja i jačanja vlakna kose iznutra. Zaglađuje kosu i zatvara kutikulu, smanjujući znakove oštećenja i dajući kosi zdrav izgled, čineći je gipkom i vitalnom.

Orofluido Amazonia balm bogat keratinom daje kosi snagu i energiju poput šuma Amazonije. Dubinski obnavlja i restruktuira vlakno kose, glačajući i zatvrajaći kutikulu radi postizanja prirodne vitalnosti. Čini kosu otpornom i sjajnom a da je ne otežava.

To bi bilo to što se tiče ovomesečne kutije GlamBoxa.
 Kako se vama dopala?

Ja sam mnogo zadvoljna i jedva čekam da isprobam gore navedene prizvode. Mnogo hvala Glamboxu i  pohvala za odabir brendova! 

Fenomenalnu kutiju za ovaj mesec (ostalo je još malo kutija i dana, zato požurite sa poručivanjem) poručite ovde →
GlamBox Facebook stranica →

GlamBox Instagram profil →

OUTFIT I Baby pink & blue

Fall is sweater weather crunchy leaves and pumpkin spice everything. 

DŽEMPER/sweater - Rosegal, OVDE/shop HERE
JAKNA/jacket - Zaful, OVDE/shop HERE 
MINĐUŠE/earings - Zaful, OVDE/shop HERE
FARKE/jeans - SheIn
ČIZME/boots - Jessica Buurman
NAOČARE/sunglasses - NewChic

Pogledajte fotke i obavezno mi u komentaru napišite da li vam se dopada moja kombinacija. 

ONLINE SHOPPING I Wedding dress from JJsHouse

  Hi, fashion lovers!
Did you hear about JJsHouse online shopping site? Well, if you didn't please continue reading this article. 
We are all dreaming about our perfect wedding. Perfect dress is a must for a girl.
You must wear an amazing statement dress and all eyes will be on you.
Feel like a princess on your wedding day, choose a dress from JJsHouse online shopping store.  
With a huge selection of dresses available on JJsHouse, you will be sure to find what you need. 
 And there are dresses for more than just wedding!  If you are shopping for a prom dress, bridal party dresses, or even an evening dress for a summer cruise, you will find so many to choose from. 
Trends for wedding dresses are elegancy and classy. 
Try not to get caught up in the trend of the moment, but instead focus on your personal style and what flatters you most.
A dress doesn't need lots of embellishments to truly stand out when a classic style can complement the bride in the best way possible.
My fave wedding dresses:
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 

 They have different colors and different shades of colors. I am sure that you can find everything you need. If you want to shine on this day, this site is perfect solution. So hurry up and find your perfect dress. You can choose different colors, designs and materials.
Be sure to check their site. 
 Let me know what do you think? Which one is your favorite?

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