Hello, fashion lovers!

 First of all, you need to know that I am a huge bag lover but also rarely change my bag cause I am too lazy for that.  But that doesn't mean that I don't buy bags. If you ask my mother, I do that too often. So, today I will talk to you about a new online store I discovered a couple of days ago. Baginning is one of the coolest bag stores I ever saw and I fell in love with almost every single bag on the website. 
At the website, you can find hundreds of beautiful and trendy bags you can wear on any occasion. I found some of my personal favorites at  ladies bags. I really like their bags because they look cool, trendy and chic.  Don't forget to scroll down to the page if you want to find more information about measurements. Also, there you can find more pictures of bags from different angles. 
Price range is pretty reasonable for the quality you get. Also, you should know that you get free shipping for all orders so we could tell it is a pretty good deal. 

You can see some of my favorites in the pictures in the post and I hope you like my choice, but if you don't please visit and find your favorites. There is enough bags for everybody's style or personal taste.  You should definitely check it out. 


  Hi, fashion lovers! 

In today's post I want to introduce you to one amazing online shop that I discovered recently. It's called GirlMerryOn their website you can find trendiest clothes at super affordable prices. They have a wide range of fashion wholesale dresses, skirts, pants, tops, jumpsuits, swimwear etc. What caught my eye especially is their huge selection of pretty and cheap clubwear. They have so many awesome styles of beautiful and cheap sexy dresses: minis, midis, maxis; sexy dresses and bohemian frocks; club dresses that show off your best assets. Here are just some of the styles I like.

Shop here: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 

  As you can see, I was attracted mostly by print dresses. Besides printed dresses there are many more dresses to choose from, available in different styles, materials and colors to meet everyone's taste and personal style. Live for Friday night? Dresses for every occasion, night out in town with the girls, for the fancy first date or your everyday style. Shop sexy sheer, bodycon, and cutout dresses perfect for dancing and making your curves look WOW!  They are perfect for going out in town, some club party etc. 
Visit their website and you'll find many more beautiful fashion clothes at super low prices. 

Thanks for reading! Hope you like my reccommendations! 


Hi fashion lovers!

"True passion is essential in order to make fabulous hair products. Throughout our history, Uniwigs' philosophy has always been making hair unique and stylish to fit each person. From drawing the first sketches to presenting our finished hair products, Uniwigs applies the utmost attention to detail and quality."

 I decided to write a post about wigs.  Women want to have a perfect hair for some special events and  looking for a perfect wigs . I was browsing the internet for shops where I can find these things. Luckily, I bumped on one amazing store calles UniWigs. Uniwigs offers a large selection of different styles. And all of the wigs you can buy for very cheap price. They have a huge selection of great quality and they have amazing choice, a lot of models in different colors. They are following the latest trends and they have affordable wigs. This time I wanna share with you some synthetic wigs or fashion wigs. I have a long hair and I never try to wear wigs. I am afraid to experiment too much with my hair. But these wigs look perfect. I found in their store. They have a huge assortments. They have huge discounts. I recommend you to check their offer. I will show you amazing wigs. They have amazing choice, a lot of models in different colors. These wings are great for some special events also. If you want to shine in some big nights, this site is perfect solution. I am sure that you can find everything you need. They have a huge selection of great quality women's wigs. You can choose different colors and designs. So hurry up and find your perfect wigs. Let me know what do you think? Have you ever wear a wig?  I will show you some of my favourites.

Hope you like my recommendations!

Be sure to check UniWigs online shop,
they have many pieces and you will definitely find the perfect one for you.

WISHLIST I Bikini from Zaful

Hi, fashion lovers! 

In this post I will show you some of my fave bikinis from the online shop Zaful. As you know, they are one of my favorite online shops and they have wide range of amazing stylish items.
Keep scrolling to find out what I will be wearing this summer and let me know your favs.

P.S. They have great sale promotion.
Be sure to check it on Zaful site!

*And special discount code just for you for extra saving: ZFTina   
Use code "ZFTina" for all order with over 25USD save 3USD
Use code "ZFTina"  for all order with over 50USD save 6USD
Use code "ZFTina"  for all order with over 100USD save 12USD*

Thanks for reading! 


 Hi, fashion lovers!

If you didn't hear for online shop called FashionMia, you missed a lot. FashionMia is a  shop that offers a wide range of beautiful, cool, unique, high-quality and affordable items. They are most popular by their fashion dresses, but they also sell tops, bottoms, suits and much more. 

Bodycon dresses are by far one of my favorite dress silhouettes. It’s a subtle way to emphasize your curves, especially when toned down with a longer hemline. Combined I think it is one of the most elegant and feminine silhouettes – a perfect mix of sexy and sophisticated! But, I also like flutter, colorful dresses  which are perfect for summer.

Well, in today's post I will show you my favorite dresses from one of my fav online shops.
They also have very beautiful and cheap tops and here is my faves.  
Shop 1. here & 2. here.                       

Shop 3. here  & 4. here.

Shop 5. here & 6. here

Thanks for reading!


"Fashion is very important. It is life-enhancing and, like everything that gives pleasure, it is worth doing well.” —Vivienne Westwood

Ovih dana napolju je veoma sunčano, toplo i pravo vreme za nošenje kratkih šortseva i majici. Danas nosim novi high-waisted šorts u bordo boji i belu majicu sa natpisom po kojoj je ovaj post dobio naziv. Naručila sam ih sa sajta Yoins (u nastavku posta ću vam linkovati sve), inače jedan od omiljenih sajtova. Na ovom šopu možete naći dosta modernih komada, koji su veoma kvalitetni, a pritom su cene pristupačne. 
Kao aksesoar dodala sam omiljeni Casio sat u zlatnoj boji i dve random narukvice i obula duboke starke u bež boji. 

MAJICA/tank top - OVDE/here
ŠORTS/shorts - OVDE/here
NAOČARE/sunglasses - Zaful
NARUKVICE/bracelets - Forever21
SAT/watch - Casio (
PATIKE/sneakers - Converse

Pogledajte fotke, a potom mi ostavite komentar.
Uživajte! ♥ 

Kako vam se dopada kombinacija, a kako slike?
Obavezno mi napišite komentar.
Hvala na čitanju. 

INSTAGRAM - @kacasosevic

WISHLIST I Rosegal Fashion Trends

Zdravo svima!
Danas sam se odlučila za online shopping i odmah ušla na svoj omiljeni sajt. O kom sajtu se radi možete videti klikom na sledeću reč: rosegal. Obzirom na to da sam našla mnogo lepih stvarčica za leto, a nisam mogla sve da naručim odjednom, napravila sam jednu listu želja.
Ispod možete videti šta se sve našlo na toj listi. 
Obavezno mi recite koji je vaš omiljeni sajt za kupovinu odeće i da li vam se dopadaju stvari sa moje liste. 

Kliknite na broj i odvešće vas na željeni artikal:
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 

Hvala na čitanju! Očekujem vaše komentare. 

OUTFIT I Burn like sun

"If you want to shine like a sun, first burn like a sun."
— A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

Žuta boja mi je defitivno omiljena ove godine. Ova kratka majica u žutoj boji je pun pogodak za letnje dane. Ukombinovala sam je sa crno-belim šortsem. Obula sam svoje nove omiljene sandale, ali ova kombinacija se odlično uklapa i uz starke, tako da se može nositi i u dnevnoj varijanti. 

Majica/crop top - SheIn, ovde/here
Šorts/shorts - SheIn, ovde/here
Sandale/sandals - Amiclubwear, ovde/here

Na slici iznad možete videti kako dobro štikle zaista izgledaju. 

To je to što se tiče ovog posta. U komentaru mi napišite da li vam se sviđa ova kombinacija.
Hvala na čitanju! 

10 easy hairstyles for short hair with a curling iron

Ladies love to make impressive with their hair without making noise, it doesn’t matter the age, everyone wants to look beautiful.

The length of the hair is not a barrier to looking good; therefore, choosing the right curling iron for each type of hair is important in achieving the gorgeous look that stands you out.

In choosing the right curling iron, size and shape determine the decision. Different curlers perform various styles, which is why the type of tool you need ultimately depends on the shape or size of curl, you want to achieve.

Qualities of Curling Iron

That's why curl irons come in different designs; small barrels will achieve tighter curls, but loose curly hair can be achieved with large barrels. Before you even push the button, Swirled barrels will display the type of curl you are about to make.

 To make a great hairstyle with a curling iron, especially when you are blessed with short hair, look out for four features that can make your experience a memorable one. First, does it get hot enough to curl your hair? Reaching the right temperature at less time is a bonus.

Like the first, the next is, is the barrel ideal to achieve the curls for short hair? The third issue, is the curly iron easy to handle or hold? The design should be comfortable enough all through the curling process. Lastly, is the curl iron of high quality that will last you a long time?

With the four fundamental qualities settled, checking on ten easy hairstyles to make with curl irons will be fun.

(Summer) WISHLIST I Zaful

Sunčani i topli dani su odavno prisutni, a zimsku garderobu  konačno menjamo nekom laganijom, šarenijom i udobnijom.  

Obzirom na to, danas vam predstavljam svoju listu želja letnje garderobe sa mog omiljenog, Zaful sajta. 

Na slici ispod možete videti šta se to meni svidelo i kako trenutno izgleda moja lista. 

1. Ovu majičicu odavno merkam, žuta boja mi je u poslednje vreme omiljena i mislim da je odlična za fotkanje, a tekst je isto jako kul, znaćete ukoliko ste gledali film Kill Bill.  Možete je kupiti ovde

2. Sledeća stvar na mojoj listi je ovaj jako fensi kratki kombinezon bordo boje. Mislim da je odličan za izlaske uz neke dobre sandale na štiklu. Možete ga kupiti ovde.

3. Poslednja stvar je bikini, jer kako leti bez jednog dobro. Na Zafulu imate definitivno najlepši izbor. Svaka devojka može pronaći za sebe sigurno. Obavezno pogledajte ponudu. Bikini sa slike možete kupiti ovde

Nadam se da vam se dopadaju stvari sa moje liste. Obavezno mi ostavite komentar.
Hvala na čitanju! 

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