Rules That You Could Not Do With Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are a great way to add your hair length,volume or highlight.You have so many what to expect and what to do when you get hair extensions.But there are also some you could not to do with hair extensions.
Do Not Bleach or Lighten the Extensions
Most of the time hair extensions come already dyed or bleached so to relighten them is typically not a good idea like 99% of the time it will not work well, you won't get the results you want or it will damage the extension. So because of the process of the extensions what happens to them chemically before you even get them, you don't know exactly what happens so it's not a good idea to lighten them. Keep in mind you can darken them a few shades if you want to color them darker but I don't recommend to lighten them or bleach them.
Do Not Brush Hair Extensions When They Are Wet
I recommend to use a wide toothed comb,because if you were to brush your hair especially when they are tangled when they are wet you can cause a lot of breakage, you can cause the extensions to slip out and just a lot of unnecessary damage to the extension because the best thing to do and what I suggest to do is to use a detangle spray before going at it with a brush or anything and comb them out with a wide toothed comb. So if you have excessive tangles use a wide toothed comb so that where you don't damage the hair, it's much safer and you won't lose any extensions.
Do Not Use A Hot Styling Tool
Most girls they'll crank up their straightener to like 420 degrees or the highest setting that it could go and yes it might give you a nice long lasting curl or straighten but I don't recommend doing that when you have extensions. First of all I suggest using a thermal protectant like a heat protectant so then this way you are protecting your extensions and your own hair and use a mild or medium setting on your straightener or curling iron and even your blow dryer. And as a side tip, if you have fusion extensions do not use a blow dryer on high heat for sure because you may actually melt the glue and you'll end up with a big mess or more likely your extensions will just slip out because the glue is now soft. So no matter what type of extension you have I don't recommend to use a high heat setting and especially if you're not using a heat protecting spray.
Do Not Cut Your Hair Extensions Yourself
Some girls are buying extensions online,so they have no idea to blend their own hair to the extensions,the biggest mistake people can make it trying to cut it themselves because then you have to basically redo everything or order them again if they are too short or they are cut weird,so I don't recommend to do it. Unless really you've practiced before or you've done your research,so you'd better go to a professional, somebody who knows how to cut extensions specifically and not just hair because it's different.
Do Not Sleep With Wet Extensions
Don't go to sleep with wet extensions or if you have clip ins don't go to sleep with clip ins at all because clip ins can actually cause bald spots when you are rolling around and they are clipped in there really tight. They can actually snag the hair, it's a big disaster.
So don't go to bed with wet hair vendors basically because depending on the method that you have on, whether it be fusion or tape the water can sip in and actually cause them to fall out sooner than you want, as well as just any kind of extension can really tangle up when its wet. So to go to sleep with it wet, you're probably going to end up with a big mess in the morning that you're going to have to deal with so I recommend to at least semi-dry your hair before bed, comb it out nicely and then put it up either in a high pony tail or two pig tails or something, someway that it's comfortable for you to sleep and the extension won't be matting.


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