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                                                       Hi fashion lovers!

 It's been a while since I dedicated a whole post to a trending topic of popular jewelry. The time has come for me to present you with current trend when it comes to jewelry and a great online place where you can find anything you need to stay on trend. Name necklaces have been seen on all famous street style bloggers and they are definitely back on trend! If you are a jewelry lover, then read on!
If you ever wanted a necklace or ring with your name as Carrie Bradshaw, you can now have personalized piece from Get name necklace.
Get name necklace can make all your customized jewelry dreams come true. There you can find necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings, even sets of jewelry that will fit any taste and style. With many options for customization, here you can pick out a perfect gift for your mother, farther, cousin or your significant other.
 If you are one of those people who love to collect charms and make your own charm combinations, make sure to check out their charm section where you can find a variety of interesting charms.

 I have picked out a few of my favorite products from this store to share with you in this post. 
Shop here 

Shop here

Shop here

You can see beautiful classic name necklace, infinity name necklaces and ring with kids names that I love the most.
You can see more here

Shop here

Shop here

There are some very great deals and promotions on this site that you can take advantage of to save a buck. For example, there is free shipping on orders over 150$ and it's worldwide. For example they have promotion for Women's day - use code 4HER for 15% off.

Thanks for reading!

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